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why choose us:

LUXVEL is a virtual online booking for the best selection of guest houses and hotels in Morocco.

Our four strengths:

- A careful selection of hotels and riads:

Our hotels have been carefully selected by our team.

They are selected for their architectural features that reflect their historical origins and also for the quality of their restorations in the spirit of authenticity.

All riads and hotels are regularly reviewed by our team.

- Best price - no additional charge:

We guarantee the best price on the market.

We do not charge any additional charge and we guarantee that you do not pay more than the price the owner or hotel best rates.

- Measure service:

LUXVEL is a small team of Travel,

Our team consists of:

Tourism experts for their knowledge of your needs and answer all your questions.

tour guides who are familiar with the old cities of Morocco and their history.

the computer to facilitate your online booking and secure your data.

- Peace of mind:

Luxvel to summarize all experiences to enjoy your trip